Frequently Asked Questions

Is this legal?

While providing answers may not at first seem legal or morally correct, considering how it enables cheaters. However, the front page clearly states that HomeHelp does not support cheating. Therefore, there is not objection.

Why is this page labled "Resource:" in the list?

Resources aren't just answer pages. They provide utilitous tools for students to use while doing homework. Monotonous tasks, like plugging in one equation several times with slightly different inputs, can be solved with resources. They'll do the equation for you; just put in your numbers and the answer will be calculated for you!

I opened up a resource page, but it's not working! I click the buttons, and nothing happens!

Resources require a programming language called Javascript to run. Some browsers, specifically Internet Explorer, disable Javascript by default. You must enable Javascript to allow the resources to run.
If you need to enable or disable Javascript, search the name of your browser with "enable Javascript". You may have to reload the resource to make the Javascript start.